Shower of Spring textile flowers

Before the real flowers start to show off, let’s have some fun with the stitched ones. These are from the series “Country kitchen gardens” and they carry the feeling of old fashioned kitchen decorated with colorful bouquets of wildflowers. Small textile pictures based on traditional kitchen checkered fabrics and simple embroidery stitches for the flowers. They are ready to frame or to mount on canvas like this one: Easy, breezy, colorful – could make a charming gift for Mother’s Day or just an refreshing update to your kitchen decor. I like their vintage feel but they were also a great source for totally modern prints: Feels like Spring, don’t you think?

Source: Shower of Spring textile flowers


Early Spring textile pictures

The beginning of March means that Spring is just around the corner. Take a look at the first signs of it captured in my textile art. Above you see the close up of “Spring hens” and here they are in full view: And here are some spring trees: Spring in the mountains? No problem, been there, stitched this too: And another textile spring landscape – “First flows”: And let’s not forget the earliest heralds of Spring – the birds, chirping madly since the wee hours: This last textile artwork made a nice design for prints – so here you’ve got birds everywhere:

Source: Early Spring textile pictures